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Config Schema

client_id stringThe unique identifier that's assigned to an application when it's registered in Azure ADfalse
client_secret stringpassword or key that's used by an application to authenticate itself to Azure ADtrue
tenant_id stringThe unique identifier of the Azure Active Directory instance.false



This Access Provider provisions a temporary Azure Ad Group assignment.

This Access Provider uses the following permission scopes:

  • Use Application permissions from Microsoft Graph
  • Search for User and add: User.ReadWrite.All
  • search for Group and add: Group.ReadWrite.All
  • search for GroupMember and add: GroupMember.ReadWrite.All

Getting started


To use this Access Provider you'll need to have deployed Common Fate. You'll also need to download the cf CLI.

You will also need AWS credentials with the ability to deploy CloudFormation templates.

1. Generate credentials

You'll need to create some credentials in Azure Portal to configure this provider

Tenant ID

Used as tenant_id

Navigate to the Overview tab in the Azure portal, and get the required Directory(Tenant ID) from the Essentials section.

Client ID

Used as client_id

In the same dashboard as above, get the required Application(Client ID)

Client Secret

Used as client_secret

Navigate to the Certificates & secrets tab in the left hand Nav of the Azure portal.

Under Client secrets, click Create a new secret.

Give the secret a descriptive name, like Common-Fate-Token. It will create a secret and display a table showing the secret value.

Copy the secret value and use it for the client_secret input.

Click Close.

2. Deploy the Access Provider

To deploy this Access Provider, open a terminal window and assume an AWS role with access to deploy CloudFormation resources in the Common Fate account. Then, run:

cf provider deploy

and select the common-fate/azure-ad Provider when prompted.

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